BALI Land acquisition

Land acquisition is the process of buying a piece of land for building purposes.
Building a villa in Bali can be challenging without professional guidelines and assistance, particularly when there are specific land ownership regulations and investment requirements. Greywoods has thorough instructions for the right site selection and will guide you through all the steps of buying land from A to Z.
Our land acquisition team will help you to find the best options among plots available for sale from our own land portfolio. So you can avoid unnecessary interaction with middlemen who make the building cycle longer and more expensive. Whatever land you choose from beachfront ocean view cliffs of Uluwatu to villas hidden in the lush green forests of Ubud we are ready to find you the most suitable plot to meet your budget and requirements.

We provide land selection services for foreigners

We provide land selection services for foreigners
We provide land selection services for foreigners
There are two main alternatives for owning land in Bali for villa construction: freehold and leasehold.
Freehold can only be purchased by Indonesian investors. So this variant is not suitable for foreigners in terms of villa investment.


Leasehold allows you to own and use the land for a certain time frame. A foreign buyer will have the legal right to use the land based on documentation.


Leasing land in Bali is considered to be more beneficial than buying freehold, and enables the highest return on investment in the long run.
The most typical example is when the land is leased for 25-30 years, with the ability to prolong the lease at the current market conditions. The contract is supervised by a land lawyer with due diligence conducted before the start of lease.
You don’t need to care about law questions as Greywoods will take care of all the legal documentation. Our experienced lawyers will explain all the points of the contract and assure you of the rights you have.



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Construction specialists will build your new villa starting from site preparation to the key delivery according to international standards. We control every stage of the building process to ensure quality.
Experienced architects will help you to create an ideal space for living or rental purposes. Design concept in architecture serves as a foundation of the project, its inspiration leading to a complete image of the future villa.