Interior design is the art of enhancing a space inside the house and creating a pleasant atmosphere for its inhabitants.
The aim of design is to express unique nature of every householder and to bring the right balance of decor and functionality connecting all the elements into a complete interior concept. The process of designing can be sophisticated, and requires professional view and knowledge of interior designers.
Greywoods provides all kinds of interior design services. Our team will help you to plan and visualize the future interior as well as choose colors, fabrics, furniture and decorations according to your requirements and budget.

We create various individual design styles according to your interior preferences

We create various individual design styles according to your interior preferences
We create various individual design styles according to your interior preferences
We consider that every project is special and that is why we create an individual design of every villa to satisfy all the needs of the client. Individual design makes your property look

Individual interior design projects


using non-trivial architectural solutions. To represent desirable concept, it is crucial to establish close contact with an interior designer, as he needs to understand the initial image based on the customer's preferences. Only in this case it will lead to successful cooperation and realization of the future style of the villa. Our company provides various interior design services relying on the expertise of a professional team of designers. Our aim is to deliver you a unique project so you can be sure that you will not find a copy of your design in Bali. While developing the architecture interior design we don’t use images from social media, all the drawings and visual modeling are made from scratch according to your individual request.
The important part of the process of interior planning is establishing good relationship between a client and a designer. Every new customer has a different taste and request so the aim is to form trustworthy and loyal connection. It is not just about having the same aesthetic vision it is also giving support and staying in touch during the whole working cycle. Here are the steps of interaction between a designer and a client:


The client meets with the designing team and forms approximate vision of the future design while discussion. If the client is not sure of the interior which would suit him, specialists from Greywoods will create mood boards and give more ideas about current modern tendences.
about the current design and layout scale. The client shares what styles of villa interior he favors and how he sees the interior visualization of his future property. Here the planning of the objects happens and how and where they should be placed in the given space.
Before 3D interior design planning our specialists need to get as many details as possible, it will influence the creation of the whole design concept including the choice of color scheme, furniture, textures, materials and elements of decor.
Modern technologies make design planning easy and understandable. We provide 3D interior design services which allow to create the villa concept close to reality. 3D room designers use interior rendering as the best way to capture all details of the future interior before it comes into existence.
3D concept

the designer



A sketch design is a visual representation of an object, giving an understanding of its scale, concept and image.

Sketches and Visualizations

Interior design concept is represented by two phases:
The execution of the working documentation is carried out on the basis of the approved plan of walls and partitions with the arrangement of furniture and equipment. All working documentation is carried out in accordance with the requirements and agreed with the customer and the company before delivery to production.

Working Documentation

Sketches are simplified 3D images of the interior from different points, showing architectural and planning solutions as well as zoning. Visualizations are photorealistic images of the interior made by means of computer 3D modeling, reflecting the chosen concept, solutions, furniture, decorative items and finishing materials. 3D modeling technology makes it possible to obtain images of an object from any point in space and allows you to best represent the totality of constructive and artistic solutions of the interior concept.
All executive documentation is issued to the customer in digital format on electronic media, or sent to the customer's email address.
Upon completion of the work on this phase, the customer and the company sign a certificate of acceptance of the fulfilled work.
and Visualizations




Designers often need to be on the site to monitor progress, check the quality of craftsmanship and solve any appearing on-site problems. After finishing construction and installation works, designers form a “Snag List” of defects to be resolved before movable furnishings, materials and accessories are installed.
When the final design is confirmed, the execution or implementation phase marks the realization of the design. Designers plan a detailed schedule of works, installations, interior design finishing and decoration in a certain order. All materials, furnishings and accessories are purchased according to interior design drawings. Delivered goods are examined and replaced if damaged and then marked according to their placement.
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Outdoor areas are no less important in villa planning than interior design. Beautiful landscape design decorated with tropical trees, plants and flowers helps to create a special atmosphere highlighting the chosen style of your property.
Experienced architects will help you to create an ideal space for living or rental purposes. Design concept in architecture serves as a foundation of the project, its inspiration leading to a complete image of the future villa.